Thabo Sefolosha agrees to 2-year, $10.5 million deal with Jazz to help replace Gordon Hayward

The Utah Jazz have found another wing player to replace Gordon Hayward. They’ve agreed to a two-year, $10.5 million deal with veteran Thabo Sefolosha, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Shams Charania.

I think just the flow of the game, substitutions. Just feeling that a little better. Out of timeout plays. Definitely can improve there. And general communication. Film sessions and messages before the game, after the game. You’re used to being an assistant, quiet never saying a word. Now, you’re managing a staff. You’re communicating with your players. Being a little sharper there.

I’m a go guy – just keep going. So I don’t really reflect on it that much. If I did, I’d pinch myself 1,000 times over because Brooklyn, I’m from New York, family. It’s too good to be true.

And I love working with [general manager Sean Marks]. We’re married so to speak. We are. We finish each other’s sentence. We have a few disagreements here and there, but for the most part, I think we both understand the culture we’re trying to build. And that’s not always the case in this league.

Limited Womens Todd Davis Jersey How did you and Sean develop the relationship you have right now?
We had a lot of people we knew in common, and then we got to know each other on a somewhat friendly basis. I think our personalities fit. Because I’m a pretty intense dude, and Sean is like the ying to my yang.
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Both played the situation perfectly. Griffin threatened meetings with the Suns and Nuggets to coerce the Clippers into handing him a five-year, $173 million max extension. Holiday’s camp made noise about the Pacers before agreeing to a five-year, $125 million deal with a player option at the end and incentives that could push the final number to $150 million.

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