Cam Newton says Jerry Richardson is ‘innocent until proven guilty’

bengals_024Cam Newton is standing by Panthers team owner Jerry Richardson amid allegations of workplace misconduct.

Richardson decided to put the team up for sale after it came out he had reportedly settled with former employees in incidents stemming from sexual harassment and the alleged use of a racial slur to a scout.

Newton’s father was accused of asking Mississippi State for $180,000 for his son’s services before Cam’s commitment to Auburn. No evidence arose from the allegations.

“In this day and time, it’s almost, you’re automatically guilty until proven innocent rather than, in the rights of the judicial system, you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty,” Newton said.

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NFL’s new head of officiating hire is good news for Cam Newton

Alberto Riveron will be the NFL’s new head of officiating, the league announced Wednesday. Riveron was promoted to replace Dean Blandino as senior vice president of officiating.

Assuming Riveron carries over the traits that made him one of the NFL’s better on-field referees over the past decade, his hiring is good news for one NFL player in particular: Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Minnesota sent Adrian Peterson packing, and then it saw its free-agent addition, Latavius Murray, deal with ankle surgery. The team was smart to go after Cook, once a mid first-rounder, at No. 41 overall.

The Vikings also didn’t forget to get Cook some much-needed run blocking help in arguably the draft’s top center, Ohio State’s Pat Elflein, in Round 3. Cook should be thrilled that his wait got him a chance to be the next AD.

The best cornerback not taken in Round 1 found a terrific home in Green Bay’s secondary, where it would be an upset, given his size and natural zone coverage skills, if he does not start as a rookie.

Sure, it was nice to get powerful home-run hitter Leonard Fournette at No. 4 overall, but it meant nothing without a physical hoss to improve the Jags’ chances of paving their way for him. Enter Alabama’s Cam Robinson to fill that void in a second-round steal at No. 34.

Like all officials, Riveron had his share of poorly called games and inconsistency — just much less of it. His propensity to call more roughing the passer penalties in relation to other refs at least erred on the side of protecting QBs.

One of Riveron’s assignments during his time as head referee, from 2008 to ’12, was Newton’s first home game as a Carolina rookie in 2011.


Cam Newton draws his 1st roughing the passer call since 2014

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has taken a lot of hits this season, and the refs finally called roughing the passer for one of them.

Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Stacy McGee initiated contact after the ball left Newton’s hand, then he drove the quarterback into the ground. It’s a clear roughing the passer penalty, though Newton usually doesn’t get the benefit of those calls.

This wasn’t just the first time officials have called roughing the passer in Newton’s favor this season.

Officials did call roughing the passer against the Broncos in Week 1 for a hit on Newton, but it was not enforced because of an offsetting penalty called on the Panthers.

The Broncos couldn’t overcome their own mistakes to get a win. Denver allowed a safety to Justin Houston, and immediately allowed an 86-yard return touchdown from Tyreek Hill on the ensuing kick.

Denver’s return specialist, Jordan Norwood, muffed two punts, and one of those was recovered by the Chiefs. Norwood’s teammate, Aqib Talib, wasn’t happy about the muffed punts.

The Chiefs tried to mount a comeback as time ticked away in regulation, scoring a touchdown that was initially not called a touchdown, but the ruling was changed upon review. That narrowed the Broncos’ lead to 24-22, and the two-point conversion was successful, tying the game at 24.

Denver and Kansas City traded field goals on their first possessions of overtime, but a miss from Denver later on gave the Chiefs a shot to win it with a field goal.

With the win, Kansas City improves to 8-3 and improves its standing in the AFC West. The Broncos fall to 7-4, placing them a full game behind the Chiefs and two games behind the division-leading Oakland Raiders. For the Chiefs, the Sunday Night Football win also means they improve to 11-18 in primetime games since 2004.

The NFL acknowledged that Campbell should have been penalized for roughing the passer, and Campbell was fined roughly $18,000 for the hit.