Warriors GM Bob Myers dubious on Steve Kerr’s return for NBA Finals

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While Golden State coach Steve Kerr’s health situation remains status quo, the team is holding out hope he’ll be back on the sideline for the NBA Finals, Warriors president of basketball operations and GM Bob Myers said Thursday, exactly a week before the finals begin.
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But, Myers told 95.7 The Game, If (Game 1) was tomorrow, he wouldn’t coach.

I really don’t hear the noise. I couldn’t really care less. It really doesn’t matter to me, James said Saturday, via ESPN. The narrative and people writing articles and things like that, I don’t care. Those things doesn’t bother me. So it’s hard for me to even tell my teammates, hey, don’t listen to it, because I don’t even get involved in it.

I stopped caring a long time ago, so it doesn’t even bother me at all.

Although he registered 28 points and 15 rebounds, James struggled in Game 1, turning the ball over eight times, and Cleveland’s defense failed to slow the Warriors.

While he admitted he used to let the haters get to him, James has learned to use the criticism and doubt as motivation to be better.

I’m not in that department anymore. I left that in [my] 20s. I’m not in the ‘prove people wrong, silence critics people’ department no more. I got a promotion when I got to the 30s, James said. So at the end of the day, I know what I’ve done and I know what I’ve built.

James’ Cavaliers will face the Warriors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals Sunday night in Oakland before returning to Cleveland for Game 3 Wednesday.

Kristine Leahy offers perfect alternative to ‘Stay in Yo Lane’ T-shirts

Game Mens Don Barclay Jersey Kristine Leahy continues to help offer a counter to LaVar Ball’s worldview.

This time, Instead of sitting back and watching him profit off his disrespectful dismissal of her, the Fox Sports personality is providing an alternative to the Stay in Yo Lane T-shirts he’s hawking at $60 a pop: Donate to Girls Inc.

According to its website, Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy … [and] equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and grow up healthy, educated, and independent.

In short, it tries to help young females stand up and refuse to stay in their lane — like Kristine Leahy.

Leaf is an interesting player who can stretch the floor as well as provide some athleticism and skill. The problem is that he’s in between positions defensively in the modern NBA. But as teams look for players 6-10 or taller who can shoot, Leaf presents useful skills as a shooter and scorer.

White’s a hot name on the scouting circuit right now, but he’s been in our top-40 for a long while. He has a complete offensive game, tests well athletically and is a late bloomer who jumped up to 6-5 in college. He was on the Pac-12 All-Defense team, but it seems like his ability to stick to his man will tell the tale of whether he can be an NBA player. Here’s betting he sticks.

Game Mens Budda Baker Jersey Hart’s not this year’s Malcolm Brogdon — if anything, the player above him, White, is — but he’s a good wing who is tough and physical defensively. He can also knock down shots from the outside. For this evaluator’s money, he was the best player in college hoops this season. The key is going to be figuring out how to translate all of the talent to the NBA.

In appreciation of Jim Thome and the quietest 600-homer career of all time

Jim Thome had the quietest 600-homer career of all time. We know this because people keep forgetting Jim Thome is in the 600 Home Run Club.

It was 612 home runs, actually, and Thome is one of eight players to reach the hallowed milestone. Albert Pujols will be the ninth, and it’s the Pujols Watch that has brought Thome’s name back into the baseball conscience. That seems odd to say given that he was active as recently as 2012, but here we are.

It’s not quite Jim Thome, forgotten slugger. But it sure seems close.

Other candidates have been left behind often enough to fall off the hot lists altogether. There is little buzz anymore, for instance, about Ray Horton, Pep Hamilton or Winston Moss. In addition, former head coaches such as Leslie Frazier and Raheem Morris dont get discussed for recycling the way Josh McDaniels and Mike Smith are.

Joseph, the Dolphinsdefensive coordinator, is a popular name most notably with the Broncosopening, the most attractive one by far. Again, though, speculation is not the same as an offer.

The same goes for another assistant who, like Joseph, bolted to prominence this season: Goodwin, the Cardinalsoffensive coordinator. Meanwhile, Lynn moved faster than both of them, going from running backs coach to offensive coordinator to interim head coach in the span of this season and now in demand on other teams, as well as his own.

It all looks good right now as interviews begin. If in the end the same faces are on the outside looking in, the NFL will be back where it started on this issue: talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

Jerry Jones calls for everyone to ‘cool it’ with Tony Romo speculation

After fanning the flames of speculation all season, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones now would prefer that everyone, including himself, stop discussing the future of quarterback Tony Romo.

Speaking to reporters at Senior Bowl practice Tuesday, Jones refused to say whether he’s spoken to Romo about 2017 since the Cowboys’ season ended with a divisional round playoff loss to the Packers. He instead wants to stifle the internal rumor mill until a decision is made.

I’m not going to get into that at all whether we’ve talked or not, Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. We’re at a juncture now that we need to just cool it in our public conversations about what we’re going to be doing or not doing there with Tony.
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It doesn’t matter that Brady didnt reach the prolific numbers of his 2007 season, during which he threw for his most touchdowns (50) and second-most yards (4,806). The eye test of his 12 regular-season games in 2016 with one of his most limited supporting casts says he was better.

Elite Womens Bradley McDougald Jersey Then Sean Taylor came out. Me and my little bro were the only 2 kids there. I asked him for an autograph he said hold on I’ll be back. He came back, signed our book and talked with us for a few minutes. I’ll never forget it. That’s why I act the way I do towards fans. He didn’t have to do that. He could’ve just signed it and went on about his evening, but he didn’t. Made us feel special. I understand there is a time and a place for everything. He didn’t have to do that. Could’ve just left with his family, but he didn’t.

Chargers fan tosses eggs at facility following move to L.A. announcement

The Chargers announced Thursday that they are moving to Los Angeles, much to the ire of diehard fans.
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One fan in particular took the news so hard he decided egging the team facility was the best option. He filmed himself doing so on Periscope (with some harsh language) and even admitted, I might go to jail for this.

I think the best case is John Elway. Like I said, we’re friendly. We both went to Stanford. There’s a lot of parallels and when I came to Denver, he looked out for me and we became very close friends. He’s one of my closest friends. So, I got to see a snapshot of what the role was like. Like I said, there was one offseason where he brought me in, I went to the Combine, kind of did all of that.

Ronde Barber Authentic Jersey I’m not into making comparisons, but I can tell you that I strive to attack this job in the same way he has. He’s been excellent at it. He’s also shown me that, he’s given me the confidence in many ways that although we haven’t done it, one thing I’ve told Jed over and over, I know what I don’t know. And I’m not going to profess. I can’t tell you that I’ve had 20 years in front offices, working my way up. But, what I do know, I know football. I’ll put my football acumen up with most in this league. I know people and I know how to lead. As I’ve watched John, those are things he’s done extremely well and what I strive to do in this role. I keep saying it, but I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to just getting down to putting this thing together in the way that we see fit and putting this team together, I’m just talking about around me in the personnel department and the management department, when the Super Bowl’s over to put our coaching staff together so that we can really get down and all work together to identify specifically what that culture is that we want to build, who those players are, the characteristics of the players.

Jeff Mathis ribs Justin Bour with message signed on first career stolen base

Marlins first baseman Justin Bour recorded his first career stolen base in Miami’s 3-2 loss to Arizona on June 1. It only took him 310 games in the majors to do it.

He didn’t feel great coming in, and then as he started his throwing program in the bullpen, a couple of things happened: one, he didn’t feel great; two, he didn’t look great, according to our coaches, and so we scratched him, Hinch said. We found out as guys were finishing up their warmups. It was a quick decision to scratch him.

Rookie reliever Dayan Diaz, called up earlier Wednesday to provide a fresh arm for the bullpen, made his first MLB start and lasted just 2 2/3 innings while allowing three runs on four hits to take the loss.
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After winning 11 straight, the Astros (42-18) have now lost two in a row but still enter Thursday’s games with a 12-game lead on the second-place Mariners in the AL West. With such a sizable lead in the division, the Astros will probably be all right without Keuchel for a week-plus.

It’s definitely best to play things safe in June than to have potentially more serious issues in September.

Some people wanted Smoltz out of the rotation at the 1991 All-Star break. Mazzone wouldn’t hear of it. Nor would Cox, who had the power to make the change.

Braylon Edwards Womens Jersey Bobby Cox said, 鈥楯ohn Smoltz is the best 2-11 pitcher I’ve ever seen,’ Mazzone said. Then he gave Smoltzie the chance to go back out there in the second half and he gave him the opportunity to start. John took off and the rest is history.

Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine mirrored Smoltz by going to Cooperstown after innumerable successful years with the Braves. Many other pitchers from Denny Neagle to Kevin Millwood to Kent Mercker had the best years of their careers in Atlanta.

I think he’s the best man, the best qualified person.

During a Thursday radio appearance on WABC’s (New York) “The Bernie and Sid Show,” Ditka was asked by hosts Bernard McGirk and Sid Rosenberg about the “crusade” by some sports journalists at Super Bowl 51 to make the Patriots quarterback “denounce” his longtime-friend Trump.

“These people are — can I say this — a—holes,” Ditka said.

People having different opinions is what makes America great, according to Da Coach. The Super Bowl-winning leader of the 1985 Bears again professed his support for The Donald.

“I like Donald Trump. I think he’s the best man, the best qualified person. I think he’ll do a great job for Americans. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t think that. But we’ll have to wait and see. Let him do his job first,” Ditka said. “If he can possibly screw it up nearly half as much as Obama, I’ll be surprised.”

Sure, it’s tough to call plays when the whole world is watching, and the team is trying desperately to run out the clock and win its first Super Bowl, but that is no excuse for some of the decisions made by the Falcons’ coaching staff while the Patriots were bearing down on them late in the game.

Atlanta’s first bad play was on a third and one on their own 36-yard line with 8:31 left on the clock. Instead of running, Ryan dropped back and was sacked, which led to a Patriots touchdown and two-point conversion.

The very next drive, the Falcons were faced with a third and 23 after another Ryan sack, this time in New England territory and field goal range. Instead of running, again, Atlanta dropped back for a pass and committed a penalty — though they did miss a New England facemask — thus knocking itself out of field goal range. Atlanta punted that possession, which allowed the Patriots an opportunity to drive down the field and force overtime.texans_084

Picks, predictions, odds for Patriots-Falcons

Elite Gary Neal Jersey The Patriots, and Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft? They’re always here, at the Super Bowl — seven times now since the three convened in Foxborough 16 years ago.

The Atlanta Falcons, though … they’re almost never here, living most of their 51 years of existence on the outside looking in, envying the likes of the Patriots, almost never even expecting to be in position to get there.

That’s over now, and the Falcons are on that final step, for just the second time ever, and the first time in 18 years. And with that, the aforementioned look at the two teams’ relative experience with Super Bowls can be tossed aside, because it pretty much doesn’t matter if you’re the better, more composed, more prepared team.
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“I know sometimes people will say it’s like they’ve been ‘punched in the stomach’ when something bad happens,” Vick wrote. “But I’d never really understood the expression, until that moment. Matt Ryan. I just kept repeating his name, in my head, again and again. Every time I thought about what it meant, it took the air right out of me — but I couldn’t help it.”

Wrote Vick: “People have to understand: I felt like it was my fault, like it was my responsibility, that the Falcons franchise had been set back. And if Matt had been a bust … then my guilt over the harm I’d caused the city would have only grown worse. But Matt being such a success — that’s been a joy for me. For me, that’s been relief. It’s been peace of mind.”

Joe Mixon not invited to NFL Scouting Combine, report says

There’s little doubt Joe Mixon will get a shot at the NFL, but the former Oklahoma running back won’t get a chance to showcase his abilities alongside other 2017 NFL Draft contenders next month.

Mixon is not on the list of players invited to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, USA Today Sports reported Friday.

I loved being able to create my own custom pizzas and calzones, Williams told SN’s Vinnie Iyer. I used to create my own signature calzone that everyone wished they could order off the menu. I also worked at a Pizza Hut in a small town, which meant seeing friends, family and familiar faces every day.

Authentic Youth Lyle Alzado Jersey Williams also is a master of preparation. His offseason training habits set an example for Pizza Hut employees who need to be ready for the annual pizza order spike.

Finally, Williams loves food, which is why he hated the diet Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin forced him into back in 2015. He can appreciate the value of a pizza being delivered fresh, at its optimum deliciousness.

So Williams, 33, strategically was selected to lead the first-ever Pizza Hut Combine and help employees master traditional combine drills … with a pizza delivery twist.

Derek Sanderson Mens Jersey The result was three hilarious videos from three rigorous drills. Check them out below:

One can only hope his or her pizza delivery person on Super Bowl Sunday is as prepared as Williams’ subjects.

There’s no telling what obvious pun might emerge as the next great fan experience

    If mound-charging aptitudeis a criterion teams use to decide which player to offer more money to in a couple of years, here’s an early breakdown.

    Game Youth Harry Carson Jersey Worthiness: Both players were justified in taking their anger out on the perpetrators of malicious fast balls. In fact, if Major League Baseball wants to curtail intentional plunkings, it should probably stop suspending the victims who decide to charge. Both pitchers had obvious intent.

    Ventura had a history of beaning batters, and caught Machado with one the previous season. In the game in question, he brushed back Machado twice in an at-bat, and then hit him with 99 mph on the first pitch of the following one.

    Strickland, apparently still salty over Harper hitting two home runs off him in the 2014 NLDS (but claiming it had nothing to do with it) also connected with a first-pitch fastball, this one clocked at 98 mph. It was far enough inside to leave no doubt, and Giants catcher Buster Posey standing still rather than slowing Harper said everything you need to know about how the pitch was perceived by Strickland’s own teammates.

    There’s no telling what obvious pun might emerge as the next great fan experience, as teams look for new ways to connect with their consumers. Here are a few ideas to harness the popularity of other MLB stars.

    Game Youth Brian Urlacher Jersey Pocket Full of Posey: Children 10 and under wearing Buster Posey gear hold hands and form a ring around a pocket full of seats behind home plate. Bashes, crashes, they all fall down whenever there’s a big play at the plate. Sure you’re giving up prime real estate at a ballpark always toward the top of league attendance, but with the Giants well out of contention, this could bring some enthusiasm to late-summer games.