England and Europe fans are excited for the NFL

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Based solely on my interviews with English and European fans who have turned the Wembley games into lucrative sellout events, here’s what I can explain with some confidence to American, and European, NFL fans:

Yes, England and Europe fans are excited for the NFL. The interest in Europe is very, very real. Did the machinations of Roger Goodell’s Godless globalization conspiracy generate that? Probably? Maybe? But it worked. My advice to any American still incredulous about the NFL’s legitimacy abroad is to examine the stateside growth of soccer and American interest in the World Cup, Premiership and MLS.

Bryant fits the bill as a No. 1 receiver essentially anywhere in the league, and the 26-year-old should be expected to turn in a similar season to what he managed in 2014. His biggest concerns come from off-field issues. While Bryant hasn’t been missing time due to any league punishments, a report from Rapoport in November suggested that the Cowboys were worried about Bryant’s life outside of football and were hesitant to give him a long-term contract as a result. Those issues included six instances of police being called to Bryant’s home, though arrests were never made.

Andre Williams Jersey Alongside running back DeMarco Murray, Bryant was a big reason for the Cowboys’ success in 2014. After disappointing finishes the past few seasons, Dallas went into the playoffs with a 12-4 record and had a shot at a first-round bye as late as Week 17. The Cowboys could only franchise tag one player, and chose Bryant over Murray, who then signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in the offseason.

With the new contract that makes him the second-highest paid receiver in the league, it’s clear that the team thinks Bryant is a major key to the offense going forward.

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