Josh Akognon’s international experience isn’t limited to China

Akognon makes no qualms about what convinced him to go China. It was purely a business decision when he signed with Dongguan after weighing offers from European clubs in 2010.

Elite Kids Steven Stamkos Jersey “I’d never heard of the CBA, but when they told me the money, then you start looking at everything else,” Akognon said. “I realized that Marbury was playing there, so I started looking at it more. … As long as they said that money was where it was at, I was sold, and I was ready to go.”

“We’ve had these conversations all the time,” Wade said. “You got to learn a lesson. You keep taking bumps like this, you either learn the lesson and figure it out or you don’t learn it and you continue to keep doing the same thing. Keep putting your hand on the hot stove every day. We just got to figure out how not to put our hand on that hot stove and understand when we come in the kitchen, that stove hot — don’t touch it.”

Elite Mens Mika Zibanejad Jersey The Bulls keep burning their own hands, though. Aside from the lackluster effort and errors early in the game, the flaws that have been present all season remain. The late-game offense, centered around isolation sets for Wade and Jimmy Butler, remain too predictable. The Bulls’ defensive miscues allowed for Mavericks swingman Wesley Matthews to drill a wide-open, game-winning 3 with 11.7 seconds left.

“We weren’t guarding at times, we were making stuff up on the defensive end,” a frustrated Butler said. “Also on the offensive end, if you don’t do what you’re supposed to be doing that we go over every day in the scouting report and get ready for these teams, then stuff happens. You get down and then you got to claw your way back — which we were pretty good at doing that, but we’re putting ourselves in that situation.”

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