Jets Engaged In Mayfield-Rosen Debate?

Less than a week remains until the rampant Jets quarterback rumor cycle will slow down, after the Kirk Cousins pursuit and the months-long prospect evaluations have kept the Big Appleā€™s AFC team at the center of many offseason news cycles.

New Philadelphia Phillies manager Gabe Kapler might be drawing attention for other things, but it should be noted that, entering play on April 13, his team had attempted steals on the greatest percentage of their opportunities (11.0 percent, with being the source for “opportunities”).

The team draws an excellent schedule for base stealing in Week 3, as Atlanta Braves starters Julio Teheran and Brandon McCarthy are well below-average at holding opposing baserunners and catcher Kurt Suzuki is below-average throwing them out, and Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli is one of the game’s worst at reining in the running game. The Phillies’ hitting matchups aren’t too shabby, either, with the Jameson Taillon game on Thursday their only truly challenging matchup.

Nick Williams, a lifetime .287/.336/.490 hitter against right-handers, who has started three straight against them, is a particularly strong play in a week facing six righty starters.

Momentum is building for former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson to be a first-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft this coming Thursday. One team that could potentially be in the market for a signal caller late in the first round are the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Especially in leagues scoring holds, keep an eye on Chris Martin. The lanky righty spent the past two seasons in Japan. So far, he has whiffed eight with just one free pass in 7 2/3 stanzas.

GS is the projected game score for the pitcher. The “*” symbol means the pitcher lacks requisite career major league data to produce an accurate rating; these are the author’s ratings.

Russell Martin (R), 23 percent, Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals (LHP Danny Duffy): For the second straight season, Martin is slow out of the box. However, he continues to hit out of the five-hole, much higher than most catchers. This helps keep him useful, increasing runs and RBI chances.

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