Will Dak Prescott’s and Ezekiel Elliott’s success so far carry into the playoffs?

¡°No,¡± Elliott said, not offering a reason why until prompted.

¡°Because we¡¯re competitors. That¡¯s what we love to do. We go out there and compete; we¡¯ve done it all season. I mean, we¡¯ve played in big games all season. Every game in this league is a big one. Every time they play the Dallas Cowboys, especially when you¡¯re winning, you¡¯ve got a target on your back, and you¡¯re going to get the team’s best. So I think the season has prepared us for this.¡±

¡°It means everything,¡± Prescott said. ¡°It¡¯s about how you finish, not how you start. At the end of the day, the quarterback position and the team is defined by how they do in the postseason. We¡¯ve got to move forward and get better doing it.¡±

Nene Mens Jersey ¡°I just think experience is experience. Some guys have some experience; some guys don’t,¡± Dallas coach Jason Garrett said. ¡°My experience in life is you use your experiences to help you with new experiences.

For rookies in particular, every experience they have up until this point is the first time they have done it. It was their first rookie minicamp. It was their first OTA. It was their first minicamp. It was their first training camp. On and on and on.

¡°What you try to do is encourage them to use their experiences up to this point in life. In Zeke’s case, playing at Ohio State. In Dak’s case, playing at Mississippi State. And use them in your experiences you are about to embark on.

I encourage everybody to do that. We all have to do that in life. Some guys are experienced [in] the playoffs. They will use those experiences. Those who aren’t will use different experiences.¡±
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Garrett has not told his players — rookie or otherwise — what to expect in the playoffs. That would go outside his day-to-day mantra. But players know the intensity grows, just as it grew from the preseason to the regular season, and from nondivision game to division game.

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