NHL scores 2017: Bruins¡¯ loss complicates Atlantic Division playoff push

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The Bruins have to play just one more game to be done with half of their season. Much like the Blackhawks, the Bruins are leading the NHL in games played after just a few days into 2017.

Unlike the Blackhawks ¡ª who are leading the Central Division ¡ª the Bruins are in a precarious situation in the Eastern Conference. Tied with the Senators at 44 points with the Lightning right on their heels just two points behind, any lost points have the potential to bite them.

The A¡¯s are never as fun as when they¡¯re building a young team of scrappy rookies, and that¡¯s the direction 2017 is currently headed. I couldn¡¯t be happier.

Limited Womens Mika Zibanejad Jersey From that second paragraph, I¡¯m talking about, in order of reference: Cotton, Mengden, Alcantara, Overton, Montas, Maxwell, Healy, Olson, Nunez, Wendle, Pinder, Brugman, Wahl, Chapman, Barreto. Of that group, Chapman isn¡¯t on the 40-man yet, but that¡¯ll just be a formality.

Our LF hit 42 homers last year. Our SS hit 27. Our catcher has double-digit pop. Our young 3B was on pace for 30 over a full season, and the guy behind him in line nearly hit 40 in the upper minors. The new free agent bat is good for double-digits, and those unproven prospects themselves bring enough power to the table that they should run into a few regardless of their overall effectiveness on the diamond. Even in the worst-case scenario, the A¡¯s should do their share of bashing in 2017.

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