Bucks beat Suns 109-105 hours after firing Jason Kidd

Khris Middleton spent three-plus years under Jason Kidd’s tutelage, blossoming into a dangerous scorer with the Milwaukee Bucks.

He showed off what he learned in the Bucks’ first game without Kidd.

Middleton scored 35 points, Malcolm Brogdon added a career-high 32 and Milwaukee beat the Phoenix Suns 109-105 on Monday night hours after firing Kidd.

“You gotta hit some adversity. We have to hit something. Like, we need it as a team,” said Irving. “There’s a lot more adversity down the road, and we’ve got to be able to weather the storm no matter what.

“That’s part of the game, and learning one another and being able to figure out how do you respond from that. Us as a group, as we’ve come in the last four months or five months, it’s new. We need to hit something like this in order for us to grow. It’s part of the game. It’s part of being on a team, part of being a professional on any team, in any environment. You gotta have stuff like this where you gotta figure it out.”

“They told me they weren’t going to review, so I called timeout,” Portland coach Terry Stotts said. “Then once I called timeout, they said they were going to review it. I probably shouldn’t have called timeout.”

Lillard said he was fouled on the play, but that non-call was not reversible.

“When they went to review it I knew we were going to be on the wrong side because they can’t go back and change it to a foul,” he said.

Bowden scored 19 points and shot 5 of 7 from 3-point range as Tennessee built a 20-point second-half lead before hanging on for a 67-62 victory over Vanderbilt.

“Mainly it was my teammates who just kept telling me to keep shooting the ball, keep shooting the ball,” Bowden said. “Derrick Walker, before every game, he tells me, `You’re the best shooter in the country.’ It gives me that confidence every game.”patriots_010_7eb5fb18baaf514c-180x180

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