Those are part of it. But the answer, I think, is something along the lines of gravity.

Gravity, of course, is that “force of attraction that exists between any two masses, any two bodies, any two particles.” It’s relentlessly strong, right? It would exhaust you to climb 25 flights of stairs — to fight the earth’s gravity for a mere 15 minutes — while it just effortlessly sits there holding down all the world’s objects 24/7/365. What a thing, gravity. Gravity isn’t just important to earth; the earth, as an entity, is nothing but a gravitational construct.

The Steelers (11-2) trailed by 11 points going into the fourth quarter but capped an emotionally draining week to rally for their eighth straight victory, one they couldn’t wait to share with Shazier, who joined the giddy postgame celebration via Facetime.

The Broncos’ 3-1 start this season is a distant memory. They have not been close to winning a game since their Week 5 bye. Overall, the Browns have the highest negative differential, being outscored by 132 points this season. The Colts are second, at 125. The Broncos are challenging to pass both teams, now down at minus-109.

Without making any rash moves, keep an eye on Rodrigues’ role as it develops following his recent promotion from the AHL. Two goals and one assist in three games (plus-two) is a good start. We’re further intrigued by the former Boston University forward’s role centering sniper Evander Kane and Sam Reinhart, while also serving on the Sabres’ top power play.nike_redskins_3050

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