Quarterback Eli Manning hasn’t topped 200 yards passing in any of the team’s past three games

LG Justin Pugh. He has missed the past five games with a knee injury and could really help the struggling offense. Quarterback Eli Manning hasn’t topped 200 yards passing in any of the team’s past three games.

That is where Pugh really comes in handy. He has allowed nine pressures and no sacks in eight games this season, according to Pro Football Focus. He can also provide support for struggling left tackle Ereck Flowers. The Giants offense is looking for anything that can get them on track. Pugh and running back Shane Vereen (concussion) are their best chances.

Their defense dominates again. It’s hard to move the ball against them and even harder to convert yards into points. The Giants have the league’s top red-zone defense. They’ve also come through consistently late in the games this season, and that is where the Lions and quarterback Matthew Stafford have made their living.

Yet it’s an enormous investment of time and money. He estimates it’s an $8,000-$9,000 bill each trip to Cleveland. And for what? This isn’t the Patriots; it’s the Browns. Is it worth it?

“Yes, it’s worth it 100 percent, because this is the thing that has united us as a family,” Serrano said.

Added Edna: “It’s not only to attend the game, but it’s the time to share with family, doing things together, talk. Every time I go there, I like to think we are celebrating life.”

Edna, who once was so surprised to have learned she’d married an NFL fan, said she’s now a “partner in crime” to her husband’s Browns addiction.

The most fervent fan in the family, however, might be Juan Pablo. He admitted it can be frustrating to travel eight or more hours just to see his team lose, but he can’t get enough of being at FirstEnergy Stadium. He tries to get autographs and savor the atmosphere before, during and after games.

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