Jaylen Brown never misses an opportunity to dunk, even at the NBA Africa Game

Mens Davante Adams Jersey Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown is a merciless competitor, and he didn’t just let the final seconds of a nine-point lead for Team World over Team Africa in an exhibition game tick away. He flashed an unreal dunk down in a game that was just for fun because he couldn’t pass up on this wide-open dunk opportunity.

Andre Drummond just watched in disbelief, but Dirk Nowitzki was DEFINITELY COOL with that windmill slam.

Brown finished with a team-high 15 points for Team World on 6-of-10 shooting with three rebounds and two assists. His most impressive bucket might not have even been that wild dunk though.

Brown was just an NBA rookie a few months ago, playing key minutes for the Celtics in the playoffs. Now he’s impressing on a global stage. The Cal product looks like he has a bright, ruthless future ahead of him.

We got emails. We got Facebook messages. One said ‘All the coaches need to be hung. This is Southeast Texas, recognize where you at,’ he said.
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Kids were horrified. People threatened to burn the boys alive, hang them, and shoot them. After 30-40 messages Barber stopped reading.

That same September, on Nebraska’s campus, Michael Rose-Ivey and two other Husker football players returned from a game at Northwestern, where they didn’t stand during the anthem.

Rose-Ivey’s Facebook and Twitter inboxes erupted. One message read: You are a clueless and confused nigger. Another: You should be kicked off the team or suspended. Another fan told him that if he didn’t want to stand he should be hung before the anthem of their next game, a message he re-read to reporters between painful exhales.

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