In appreciation of Jim Thome and the quietest 600-homer career of all time

Jim Thome had the quietest 600-homer career of all time. We know this because people keep forgetting Jim Thome is in the 600 Home Run Club.

It was 612 home runs, actually, and Thome is one of eight players to reach the hallowed milestone. Albert Pujols will be the ninth, and it’s the Pujols Watch that has brought Thome’s name back into the baseball conscience. That seems odd to say given that he was active as recently as 2012, but here we are.

It’s not quite Jim Thome, forgotten slugger. But it sure seems close.

Other candidates have been left behind often enough to fall off the hot lists altogether. There is little buzz anymore, for instance, about Ray Horton, Pep Hamilton or Winston Moss. In addition, former head coaches such as Leslie Frazier and Raheem Morris dont get discussed for recycling the way Josh McDaniels and Mike Smith are.

Joseph, the Dolphinsdefensive coordinator, is a popular name most notably with the Broncosopening, the most attractive one by far. Again, though, speculation is not the same as an offer.

The same goes for another assistant who, like Joseph, bolted to prominence this season: Goodwin, the Cardinalsoffensive coordinator. Meanwhile, Lynn moved faster than both of them, going from running backs coach to offensive coordinator to interim head coach in the span of this season and now in demand on other teams, as well as his own.

It all looks good right now as interviews begin. If in the end the same faces are on the outside looking in, the NFL will be back where it started on this issue: talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

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