Jets pick Chad Hansen piled up college numbers, and did it with flair

Late in the first half of a game against Texas last fall, the Cal receiver and 2017 NFL draft prospect beat his man to the corner of the end zone. It was one of his two touchdowns and one of 12 catches for 196 yards against the Longhorns. (Hansen had 92 catches and 1,249 yards for the season, both Pac-12 leading totals.) Upon hauling the ball in, Hansen inverted the Longhorns Hook ‘Em hand gesture. The Bears held on to win at home a couple of hours later, aided by some odd officiating.
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If the Colts had drafted Andrew Luck and asked him to run the inverted veer option, he probably wouldn’t have had much success. If the Falcons of the early 2000s had asked Michael Vick to be a statue, he wouldn’t have been good or fun. NFL teams have been tailoring offenses around quarterbacks for generations now.

It’s probably been a slower adaptation for QBs of pass-first spread offenses. Offenses of the past have been run-heavy, with lots of linemen and few receivers. But evidence has mounted in recent years that NFL teams don’t mind investing in quarterbacks from different backgrounds, and now Mahomes will get his chance.

Delanie Walker Limited Jersey The emotional leader (and star inside linebacker) on Clemson’s national championship defense last season. Boulware does not have impressive measurables, and that matters when you’re a linebacker in the NFL who has to cover tight ends and blow up run plays from time to time. Boulware’s kind of a badass, though. He’s got a cool beard. He yells a lot on the field and draws rave reviews for his toughness and leadership. He’s also a Carolina kid staying in the Carolinas, and it’s hard not to root for a success story.

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