Giannis Antetokounmpo is mean mugging Toronto after a classicly Giannis first half

Giannis Antetokounmpo had a first half against the Raptors in Game 4 that was quintessentially Giannis. We shouldn’t always be so surprised about it, because his ability to make impossible-seeming plays look easy shows up just about every game, but here we are yet again.

And here, a fast break dunk. What I enjoy most about this dunk is how you can watch DeMar DeRozan playing defense, wondering if he’ll be able to contest the shot a little, and then realizing he’s not even going to have a chance to be in the play. That’s how long Antetokounmpo is.

That rolling average Corsi is courtesy of Corsica, by the way, and is adjusted for score, zone, and venue.

So it doesn’t look like Zaitsev was steadily improving last season. In fact, he got worse. At this point, arguments about adjusting to the North American game are not only speculative, but actually run counter to the evidence we have.

Finally, I reject the argument that the Leafs are at a point where they can overpay players on long-term deals. Quite frankly, there is a pretty decent argument to be made that Zaitsev is overpaid now, let alone in years 3 and 4 of his contract, when the likes of Nylander, Marner, and Matthews will already be finished their ELCs. For a guy who has yet to put up the possession numbers of a 3-4 D-man, this is quite a bit of money.

With the Thunder trailing by two on the final possession, Westbrook drained a 35-foot three-point to give OKC the win. He finished with 50 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists on the night — his third 50-point triple-double of the season.

Westbrook’s season ended in the first round against the Rockets in five games. Somehow after 87 games, it felt like we still needed more Russell Westbrook in our lives. Who knows what we will see from Westbrook next season but we’ll always have the Russ Revenge Tour in our hearts.

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