This feels right at an event hosted by Rob Gronkowski.

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The Chargers could really use this win to propel them toward a wild card spot. The problem is the defense can’t stop anybody, let alone Manning and his plethora of weapons. It is going to be hard for San Diego to keep Denver under 40 points in this game, putting a ton of pressure on Rivers. Granted, the Broncos secondary might be the worst in football and the front seven is nothing special either, but 40 points is asking a ton.
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On top of the Gronk-tinis, the impressive open bar offers several types of wine, beer, and mixed drinks. Aren’t we supposed to do football drills after this? Not important. Keep drinking. I see women polish off four or five Gronk-tinis. There is also a room with a huge spread of catered food, all of it with reasonable calorie counts (for the ladies), but most of the women appear to be sticking to the alcohol. This feels right at an event hosted by Rob Gronkowski.

We have practiced now. We are prepared. He warns us that a dance-off with Gronk and his brother Gordy could happen. He tells (warns?) us to work on our dance skills in case we get into a “Gronk sandwich.” The women can barely contain their excitement at the thought of this. “If Gronk had the ball, do you think you could tackle him? If you had the ball, would you want Gronk to tackle you?” Help me.

During training camp when Terrelle Pryor opted to don the number 2, it immediately brought up some bad memories of the last player to wear that number for the Raiders – JaMarcus Russell. Now his name is uttered again for more than just his number.

The initial thought when Pryor chose to go with his former college number was that if anyone could take the stink off that number, it was Pryor. He has all the work ethic Russell never had and as far as playing style, the two couldn’t be more different.