Don’t count on it, according to Dombrowski.

Game Mens Tyson Barrie Jersey As the Chicago Cubs celebrated winning the World Series last month, much of the attention centered on the contributions of young, homegrown players such as National League MVP Kris Bryant and third-place Cy Young finisher Kyle Hendricks.

But under the guidance of general manager Theo Epstein, the Cubs also loaded up on external talent ¡ª and salaries ¡ª in preparation for their title run. Even after adjusting for MLB-wide increases in the cost of a win,1 Chicago boosted their payroll by 169 percent between 2014 and 2016 ¡ª a record two-season increase among World Series winners.2

Don’t count on it, according to Dombrowski.

“We really don’t have a major drive right now that we’re looking to fill,” Dombrowski said. “I think we’ll continue to keep our ear to the ground in the sense you can never tell what ends up happening, if somebody comes available that you never would have anticipated at a certain time period. [But] if we started spring training right now, we would be content where we are.”

After Tuesday, that means more payroll flexibility and less pitching depth.

Miss Buchholz yet? At some point, the Red Sox will.

Limited Kids Darren Daulton Jersey Encarnacion might be worth $20 million in 2017 and 2018, but would you rather pay him $20 million in 2019, when he¡¯ll be 36, or have that money free for a younger, better star? Today¡¯s front offices try to balance the present without mortgaging the future.