This is a perfectly placed pass to wide receiver Tanner Gentry Authentic Jersey

Trubisky has been excellent this preseason, but Glennon is still penciled in as the starter. Still, Trubisky continues to show that he’s got the talent to be the Bears’ franchise quarterback of the future.

This is a perfectly placed pass to wide receiver Tanner Gentry, who’s able to beat coverage and get into the end zone. Not bad for a couple of rookies.

There have been a few interceptions returned for touchdowns this preseason, but Burfict ran this one he snagged from Kirk Cousins back for 62 yards, and it was glorious:

The only thing better than Burfict’s interception and touchdown was his unique celebration:

In a statement released through the school, Ferentz said the health and safety of Iowa’s players is his top priority and that he defers to Iowa’s medical staff in determining whether players can participate in games and remain on the field. Ferentz also referenced his three sons who played college football, one of whom, Brian, is the team’s offensive coordinator.

Comments made by a retiring sports broadcaster about the coaching staff subjecting a player to possible long-term health-related issues because we allowed him to play in the Outback Bowl were surprising and offensive to our coaching staff, the player and his parents, Ferentz said. We do not allow a student-athlete to play unless he is medically cleared — that is my commitment to the players and their parents.

Game Youth Tyrunn Walker Jersey Our medical people aren’t going to let a player get out there at risk, where he can really do harm, Ferentz added at a news conference Tuesday. They have final say, they always have, always will, and I listen to them and then we work with players. You as a coach make the judgment if a player’s allowed to play, been ruled eligible to play medically, then you make the judgment, can he play? Can he operate?
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